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                          Choosing the Right Duvet

                          The first decision to make is on the type of fill. Should you choose a synthetic
                          or natural fill? To make the right choice, we'll need some more information.

                          • SYNTHETIC FILL

                            These duvets are affordable, easy-care (they’re washable and quick to dry) 
                            and are a great alternative for people that are allergic to down.

                            Usually they’re made of polyester sheets or flakes that mimic the fluffy feel of down.

                          • NATURAL FILL

                            While these duvets are usually made from the feathers and down of waterfowl, other fibres such as wool and silk can also be used.

                            Natural fibres are air permeable, which means that they allow moisture to evaporate so you stay dry while you sleep.

                            Feathers and down have the advantage of expanding when they come in contact with air to create an insulating layer that keeps you warm all night long. Therefore, they are exceptionally comfortable and highly durable.

                            But what’s the difference between feathers and down?  The answer is simple.
                            Feathers are a two-dimensional fibre, while down is a three-dimensional fibre. Down’s three-dimensional structure makes it lighter and better able to insulate.

                          • FILL POWER

                            Fill power is the scale of measurement that exists to measure down’s quality. 

                            It measures the number of cubic inches occupied by one ounce of down.

                            A high fill power means the down has more volume and that it will be fluffier, warmer, and more insulating. It will also be lighter and more durable. 

                          • DID YOU KNOW?

                            To determine the warmth of a natural duvet, you should consider the amount of down (in ounces) it contains. The higher the amount of down, the warmer the duvet will be.

                            Goose down is generally larger than duck down, and therefore, more insulating. 

                          Quality Construction

                          Once you've chosen the fill, it's important to take
                          the quality of the duvet's construction into consideration.

                          • THE COVER

                            The cover, also called the ticking, is the fibre that covers the duvet.

                            Usually made of cotton, the quality of the cover is determined by the thread count, similar to sheets. The higher the thread count, the finer, silkier, and more resistant the cotton will be.

                          Making your Duvet Last Longer

                          Over time, duvets sag or become less effective at insulating and less warm. Find out how to care for your duvet so that it stays fluffy and beautiful for as long as possible.

                          • CARE TIPS

                            If you have a high capacity washer and dryer, it’s possible to care for your synthetic duvet at home. However, you should check to be sure that it easily fits into both machines.

                            You can dry-clean your duvet as needed. This applies for natural-fill duvets as well. 

                          • DID YOU KNOW?

                            Putting tennis balls in the dryer with pillows and duvets helps to keep them fluffy.

                            Every now and then, it’s recommended that you rotate your duvet from the top of your bed to the bottom. The perfect time to do this is when you wash your duvet!

                            It’s best to avoid sitting on your down duvet to avoid causing the fill to sag.

                          Comparative Chart

                          Discover the features and advantages of our duvets in the blink of an eye.

                          • SYNTHETIC DUVETS







                            The perfect duvet for your guest rooms, chalets, and first apartments.  The perfect thickness to keep you comfortable all year long.  Cuddle up on cold nights
                            under the soft caress of a warm duvet.


                            100% polyester 

                            100% polyester 

                            100% down-like polyester flakes 


                            Polyester microfibre 

                            200-thread-count cotton 

                            300-thread-count damask cotton 






                            An unbeatable value 


                            Easy-care 4-season duvet


                            Warm, thick, and comfortable like down



                          • NATURAL DUVETS






                            Comfort guaranteed. wonderfully warm and lightweight.   A luxurious duvet that’s a fond favourite in every room of Group Germain Hotels.


                            white Duck down

                            White Canadian goose down

                            FILL POWER



                            280-thread-count cotton 


                            260-thread-count cotton





                            Light and warm


                            All-over warmth that’s comfortably softBUy


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